Top 5 Ways To Get The Greatest Results From An Assessment Test!

More companies are using assessment tests to screen candidates. As recruiters, we hear from candidates and clients what works and what doesn’t when it comes to assessment tests.
Below are the Top 5 Ways To Get The Greatest Results From An Assessment Test!

1. Ensure that the assessment test (AT) is accessible on all email platforms. What we’ve discovered is that candidates use various email platforms and can’t often access the AT. When coaching a candidate to create a Gmail account in order to take the test, it frustrates the candidate and slows down the process.

2. Is your AT accessible on smart phones? Most candidates use smart phones and accessibility to the test through their phone speeds up the process. Remember that not all candidates have access to home computers.

3. Are the directions clear? If the directions state “take your time” and “you have 10 minutes to complete this test” it can be confusing. Ensure that clear and concise directions are stated on the first page and each candidate receives a receipt stating ‘you’ve completed your test and submitted it with success.’ Candidates constantly report that they THINK they completed the test but they are unsure.

4. Is the AT applicable to the job and does it measure the probability of success with your company? True ATs have been customized to match the skills and personalities of YOUR top performers. Make sure your AT has been customized to measure exactly what you are searching for.

5. Most companies require their recruiters (internal and external) to complete the AT. This allows the recruiter to better understand the candidate search