Life Without Monster

And no, I’m not leaving my job, I LOVE my job!  So if I’m happy, what do I mean by ‘Life Without Monster?’ It’s simple, remove your resume from job boards if you’ve found permanent employment.

What you risk by leaving your resume posted on Monster, Careerbuilder, AFTER you’ve been hired:

  1. Your current employer finds your resume still posted on a job board and immediately assumes you are still looking! They will question your loyalty. Once you’ve committed to a company as a full-time, permanent employee then prove your commitment by removing your resume.
  2. You risk being submitted to other companies by recruiters without granting permission. If a recruiter spots your resume online and submits it for an opening, that recruiter now has ‘ownership’ to your candidacy whether they’ve talked to you or not. Is that legal? Yes, it’s legal for a recruiter to do that BUT it is not ethical. The company may remove you from future candidacy to their company to avoid paying the recruiter if in fact they don’t have a contract signed.
  3. You appear to be ‘kicking tires.’ If you are serious about your career, then post your resume only when you are looking to make a change. Otherwise, it appears that you’ll entertain any offer.

Protect your career by removing your resume and remember, you can always repost when you’ve started another search!  Join us next week when Sherri talks about giving thanks!