Interview Tips

We recognize that interviewing often causes stress and anxiety and typically not something you do very often. Our job as recruiters is to help you prepare for the interview so you and the hiring official can determine if this opportunity is right for you.

Our list of preparation tools is comprised from feedback we’ve directly received from our hiring officials. No detail is too small when preparing.

Dress Code:

Dress professional, this is your first impression! Professional dress includes dark dress slacks, a button down shirt, tie and jacket. For women, dress slacks and blouse or a conservative dress and closed toe shoes. Do not wear fragrance and keep jewelry to a minimum. Under no circumstances wear shorts, flip flops, tee shirts or shirts with anything printed on them this includes embroidered polo shirts (golf, work, etc).

Make sure your outfit has been recently laundered and is wrinkle and odor free.

What to Take:

  1. Note pad
  2. Pen
  3. Questions that are written down about the job and the company
  4. Several copies of your resume *be sure to take the same resume that was submitted to the hiring official
  5. Itinerary
  6. Directions to the facility

What NOT to Take:

  1. Leave your cell phone in the car
  2. Do not hand out business cards
  3. Food or beverage (not even bottled water), gum
  4. Spouse, children, friend cannot sit in the car or the lobby

Interviewing Do’s:

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early, tardiness is never excusable
  2. Be prepared – research the company, have questions ready about the company, the culture and the job
  3. Focus on your accomplishments when answering questions
  4. Show enthusiasm – qualified candidates don’t get the job if they lack enthusiasm and don’t exhibit interest in the company
  5. Listen! Concentrate on the interviewer’s words, tone and body language.

Interviewing Don’ts:

  1. Don’t bring up salary, time off or benefits. If salary is mentioned simply state “I am currently making $…., and I am confident that any offer you make will be fair and will be considered.”
  2. If the question is vague ask for clarification.
  3. Don’t interrupt
  4. Don’t be overly familiar with the interviewer. The interviewer may become overly personal to test your boundaries, do not curse, tell jokes or discuss private, personal topics.
  5. Don’t smoke right before you walk into the interview, don’t smoke during the interview (even if the interviewer is smoking) don’t chew gum and don’t place anything on the interviewer’s desk. Do not take any food or beverage into the interview, not even bottled water.
  6. Don’t wear fragrance – perfume, cologne, etc.
  7. Don’t ramble. Keep your answers to 2 minutes. (refer to STAR model below)
  8. Don’t lie. If you are asked to complete an application, complete it with full honesty – this is considered a contract. Make sure to answer the background check questions honestly (criminal,       education, salary history, credit)
  9. Don’t bad mouth previous employers.

Questions to Ask – make sure they are written down and take them with you:

  1. Why is this position available?
  2. What training programs are available to the person in this position?
  3. What are your goals and expectations for this position?
  4. What obstacles must be overcome for the person in this position to succeed?
  5. What opportunities are there for growth?
  6. What growth do you anticipate for the company in the next 12 months?

Closing the Interview:

  1. Make sure to take the time at the close of the interview to open the door to the interviewer to ask more questions if need be “After learning more about your company, the position and the responsibilities, I believe that I have the qualities you are looking for. Are there any issues or concerns that would lead you to believe otherwise?”
  2. Make sure you’ve written down everyone’s name and title that you interviewed with
  3. ASK for the job. Let them know that you WANT the job.

Follow Up:

  1. Make sure to call your recruiter from the car to debrief. We want to hear from you before we hear from our client.
  2. Write an electronic thank you note addressed to each interviewer and send it to your recruiter for editing.