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Carolina Plastics Recruiters, formerly known as Management Recruiters of Person County, has been providing unparalleled service for 20 years. Since 1999 we have been serving clients and candidates in the manufacturing industry with the tools and resources they need. As a Plastics Recruiting Firm committed to continued success, we continually deliver industry-relevant information. With a new name and a fresh website, we have refined how we deliver that information. Our new blog provides the information you need in a format that works for you.


We will be featuring industry news, which will keep you up to date on the latest trends. Our experience and expertise allows us to relay industry news in a way that is informative and comprehensible.


We believe in providing our clients more than just great talent. Relying on our historic understanding of hiring, we share content that helps clients retain top professionals. Our goal is to not only help you in the hiring process, but we also want to help you keep your team strong! That is why we share articles like this; because we are dedicated to your success today and tomorrow.


We are experts at spotting talent. Additionally, we are also experts at helping talented individuals put their best foot forward. Whether helping candidates with assessments or guiding them past counteroffers, we have the advice industry professionals need. Stay ahead of the competition by working with a Plastics Recruiting Firm with a history of success.

At CPR, we want our clients to find the right talent to help their organizations grow. And we want our candidates to land opportunities that propel their careers. We have the tools and experience to ensure the success of everyone with whom we partner. If you are interested in higher performance, contact us today!